Our Vision

The vision of the church is centered on church growth, mission and community based empowerment programmes as enter the decade of evangelism of the church 2020-2030

Proposed Parish Development Plan Vision

To be implemented in the decade of evangelism.

Community based programmes

Due to limited funds as a new church not much can be done, but the sky is the limit to everything.Counseling centers will be established in our churches.Many people are stressed, some even suffer from Post Traumatic Disorder(the invisible injury). Owing to lack counseling such stress seem to go unnoticed.Teenage pregnancies, making girls to drop from school, miscarriages, child abuse, domestic violence and bulling in schools needs counseling and centers to patch a way forward.It is our vision that such community based programs will be implemented to compact all persons to be free socially, mentally and physically.Some aspects of our vision are short term and others long term but with God's help we can archive our goals.


Our mission is to spread the world of God without compromise.Jesus main mission was to teach the faithful.This teaching will enhance self realization determination and the will of God if the church involves itself in the Jesus mold of mission our healing will be in Jesus context "Matthew 10 verse 8". You were given freely.Our believes must be in the lords prayer Matthew 6 with forgiving others taking the center stage in the Lord's Prayer.

The task ahead of us to evangelize through the use of both the ordained and the laity.In order to fulfill our mission ahead especially in our decade of evangelism I will facilitate training programs for the ordained, the evangelist and even and even the laity. We will not exclude our youth in our bid for our strategic approach to mission in our church.

If our mission and church growth is to be accomplished, the concept of tithing should be implemented.For us to train the clergy, the evangelists we will need  money to look after our Bishop and Priests we will need the financial strength whilst the church get unpopular with the gospel of giving and tithing in order for success in our church giving and  tithing in order for success in church in our church giving and tithing should be a priority.So my vision of the church will not leave tithing as a pillar for our achievement.

Self worthy comes when we are able to fund our programs our self ,yes I will try to find partners to assist in our mission but first and fore most we should try ourselves to achieve our goals.In order for this materialize we should "seek the kingdom of God first so that everything will be added unto us".(Mtt 6 verse 33)

I have noted with sadness how some apostles, prophets, archbishops, bishops, priests, evangelists ask the congregants to give tithe when themselves do not practice tithing and giving .This in our church will not be tolerated.We as leaders, archbishops, bishops,priests, evangelists we should lead by example.All should tithe and give no one is exempted.