Important Dates

18th Dec 2012Appointment of the Vicar General Rev Dr David N.Kunyongana
20th Dec 2012Press Conference making the announcement of ARCZ.
23rd Dec 20121st ARCZ Holy Eucharist
2nd - 5th Jan 2013First Priests Retreat
4th May 2013First Church synod
13th June 2013Consecration of the right Rev Dr D.N Kunyongana as a suffragan Bishop (ARCZ)
20th - 22nd Sept 2013Admission of the 1st mother's union members in mazoe at Mrs O.S Hungwe Farm(M.U. 1st gathering)
22nd March 2014St.Mary(Lady Day).Venue -St.Bernard Mizeki Murewa
12th-14th Sept 20141st birthday celebrations.Venue -St.Bernard Mizeki Murewa.
8th - 9th Nov 2014Mother's Union Confabulation.Venue - Transfiguration parish.
28th March 2015St.Mary Lady Day.Venue -Transfiguration parish
3rd - 4th July 2015Mothers Union Confabulation.Venue -St Michaels Musana Bindura
5th Sept 20152nd Synod.Venue - St.Bernard Mrewa
4th - 6th Sept 20152nd Annual birthday Celebration.Venue - St Bernard Mizeki Mrewa
18th - 19th March 2016St.Mary Lady Day. St Bernard Mizeki Mrewa
1st - 3rd July 2016Mother's Union Confabulation.Venue Transfiguration Episcopal parish.
8th - 11th Sept 2016The birth of St.Michaels Prayer Mountain.3rd Annual birthday celebrations St Michaels Prayer Mountain Musana Bindura
25th March 2017St Mary Lady Day.St.Columbus Budiriro/ with Glenview.
7th - 9th July 2017Mothers Union confabulation.Venue Transfiguration Episcopal parish.
8th July 20173rd Synod.Transfiguration Episcopal parish.
8th -10th Sept 20174th Annual Birthday Conference.St.Michael Prayer Mountain Musana Bindura.
23rd - 24th March 2018St.Mary Lady St Bernard Mizeki Mrewa
1st - 3rd June 2018Mother's Union Confabulation. Transfiguration Episcopal Parish.
7th - 9th Sept 20185th Annual Birthday Conference.St. Macheals Prayer Mountain Musana Bindura.
November 2019 15 Strategic target point plan for 2019 Unvelling by the Bishop.
February 2019Adoption of change of church name from ARCZ at a holy Eucharist service.Transfiguration Episcopal Church.
23rd March 2019St Mary Lady in 2 areas.Harare -Transfiguration Parish Mrewa - St.Bernard Mizeki.
7th - 9th June 2019Mother's Union Confabulation.Transfiguration Episcopal Parish.
8th June 2019Appointment of Bishop Dr D.N Kunyongana as 1st Archbishop of the ARCZ.Division of Zimbabwe in 3 dioceses.Diocese of Harare with 7 provinces and Diocese of Mashonaland East and Diocese of Mashonaland Central.
8th June 2019Mandating the Rev Archbishop to start the process of consecration of 2 new Bishops by September 2019.
6th - 8th Sept 20196th Annual Thanksgiving Conference changing from Sept conferences being called birthdays annual thanksgiving conference.
7th Sept 2019Consecration of the right Rev Charles Chiviru as Bishop of Mashonaland Central and Consecration of the right Rev Joconiah Saimani as the Bishop of Mashonaland East.
7th Sept 2019Ordination of the 1st women as Rev Deacon Lilian Gatsi and ordination of Rev Maunga as deacon.
7th Sept 2019Launching of ARCZ decade of evangelism